Rap Artist - Long Beach, Ca  (Got It Bac Video)

“KingCaliDro” from Long Beach Ca. Started doing music in 2009 as an independent artist. Growing up in Long Beach, Ca I avoided the penitentiary by writing rhymes and focusing on my music. In 2009 I lost most of my childhood friends to the streets or jail system. I’m a father of 5 who suffered a undiscrible lost in 2016  my twins Kalil & Kaliyah which pushed me harder and gave me the will power to push thru on the music tip. I Today’ I’m focused on dropping an EP to further my music career and  my brand in position to change the environment I grew up in. I worked with various West coast artists and producers to develop my craft to one day become one of the west coast power house  such as Snoop, nipsey, nate dogg,Dre etc - KingCaliDro

Vidal Sabastian

Rap / G-Trap - Inglewood Ca

 (Vidal On Spotify)

Born Wyston Sabastian Waltly, Vidal Sabastian started rapping in High School, He is the self proclaimed creator of G-Trap Music which is a blend of West Coast G-Funk Music and Southern Trap Music, Vidal has spent time developing a unique sound that clearly seperates him from what we are  currently hearing in Hip Hop, Vidal has blend live instruments into every recording he truly believes in producing and recording music that is authentic to his true self giving his fans nothing short of quality music.



Flora Chavez otherwise known as GLOW, was born on March 27, 1997 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The name GLOW came from finding a name that would represent the steady radiance of light she shines in her music and personality. Her debut EP Beautiful Kaos, expected to release in 2020 is an oldschool-retro-rnb mix of tracks explaining her experiences in love: the ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Kaotic.’ She co-wrote the project with the intent to shine light on and connect with her audience through these experiences of falling in and out of love: the commitment, the appeal, and the struggle.

Bluz in the trap

Blues / Trap Music - Los Angeles, Ca

Blues Band featuring some of Los Angeles top musicians who joined together to pay homage to the music genre that started it  for all urban music, This Bands first LP is bring traditional Blues on a Trap Music black drop, with trap drum patterns and the blues basslines  along with traditional blues guitar licks and solos

"Bluz IN The Trap" has taken music mainstream and knocked it into the past this LP gives Trap Music fans and Blues fans the best of both worlds, The first LP features cover songs from some of the best selling blues songs in history!