Re. " Revitalize... adds newness and strength”



Born in Kenosha Wisconsin, Flora started working on her craft at a very young age, She took a leap of faith and at the age of 18 packed up her car and came to California to pursue her dreams as a singer/entertainer. After arriving to California Flora has been able to  expanded on her work experience as an  actress, hosting, and music production. She is definitely headed in the right direction when it comes to her advancing in her career and making her mark as a fresh new artist in entertainment, Her music has a retro classic soul sound with a new wave style. Flora looks forward to her new position as the Co-host for the "Word Of Mouth" podcast she will be sharing the round table with the shows host the legendary DJ Battlecat, the podcast will air on the Soapbox Network through Clear Channel. Flora is also excited about sharing her experiences of falling in love and dealing with life's struggles and lesson's through song. Her first single will be released Spring 2020.

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