In The Music Business" You Are Only As Good As Your Last Play"”

— KingCaliDro


What’s up world My name is “KingCaliDro” from Long Beach Ca. I been doing music since 2009 independently. Being raised in Long Beach I avoided the penitentiary by doing music. In 2009 I lost most of my childhood friends to the streets or jail system. I’m a father of 5 but in 2016 I lost my twins Kalil & Kaliyah which pushed me harder and gave me the will power to push thru on the music tip. In today’s time I’m focused on dropping an EP to further my music career and out my self in position to change the environment I grew up in. I worked with various West coast artists and producers to develop my craft to one day become one of the west coast power house names such as Snoop, nipsey, nate dogg,Dre etc - KingCaliDro

Press Photos

Glasses Malone and KingCaliDro

Glasses Malone and KingCaliDro

KingCaliDro and DJ Battlecat

KingCaliDro and DJ Battlecat

KingCaliDro and G Perico

KingCaliDro and G Perico

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