Born Johnathan Brandon, but known as LeeLann the partner of Florence The Infinite in the Hip Hop group Hooli Pack, Represnting South LA LeeLann is a new breed of west coast rappers, his style is the perfect combo of classic metaphoric and new wave, He is the Ying for the Hooli Pack Yang, Raw talent and commanding on stage, He is a must see when it comes to live shows. after signing with Pulsar Music Media for management the industry as dub him as the latest rapper to also become a fashion model, Look for Leelann in the new year working with major clothing lines Cross Colours, and DOPE, and he is set to release the debut Hooli Pack Album this year...... Stay Tune

"My Lyrics are Fly,So Fly, I'm Space High"” - The Drunk guy in front of Kenny's Liquor Store