Who is Vidal Sebastian

Born Wynston Vidal Watley, 

Vidal Sebastian began focusing on his rap career back in High School. He decided to get serious after loosing a rap battle against one of the members of Cali Swag District the creators of the west coast dance crave called "The Doughie" 2 years into his development Vidal recorded a mixtape under the name Fresh Rio the mixtape titled "Welcome 2 The G Trap" it did very well on soundcloud streamed over 500,000 and it was the birth of west coast G-Trap Music a mixture of west coast G Funk and Southern Trap Music. Vidal first studio release will be a two part series of music expressions. "Inglewood Menace Vol 1" is set to be release in 2019 and summer 2020 "Inglewood Menace vol 2" will hit the streets in May.



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